The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in its regular session on Tuesday, Jan. 23 in Adel. Here are three of the things that happened at the meeting.

1. Employees honored for service

Nine Dallas County employees were honored for their years of service, ranging from five years to 20 years on the job. These were the employees that were honored at Tuesday’s meeting:

- Ken Cavanaugh, EMS, 5 years

- Jon Illian, EMS, 5 years

- Erica Crisp, Attorney’s Office, 5 years

- Clay Leonard, Sheriff’s Office, 5 years

- Owen Stump, Sheriff’s Office, 5 years

- Robert Troy Apple, Secondary Roads, 10 years

- Raymond Dirksen, Sheriff’s Office, 10 years

- Joey Marchant, Sheriff’s Office, 10 years

- Nickolas Stucker, Sheriff’s Office, 20 years

2. Vacation of 338th Court approved

The Board of Supervisors has been discussing it, and has been working out the details with land owners in the area of the vacation of 338th Court in rural Dallas County, near the border of Adel and Waukee.

A vacation of the road would mean that it would no longer be maintained by Dallas County and at an October meeting, was met with opposition by homeowners and landowners in the area who were concerned about snow removal in the winter and access to their properties.

After altering the portion of the road that is to be vacated, and with the understanding that a recent Waukee annexation will be corrected to go to the center line of that road, they were able to come to an agreement and the resolution for the vacation of the road was approved on Tuesday.

County Engineer, Al Miller, said that he would recommend, as the next step, that the Board send a letter to the Waukee City Development Board to make sure they are on the same page regarding the annexation to the center of the road.

3. Other business

The Board approved the Secondary Roads Department’s request for the purchase of a new Diamond Mower for the purpose of mowing along the sides of gravel roads. The cost was $68,256 from Diamond Mowers, Inc. in Sioux Falls, S.D.

The Board also approved the cancellation of any outstanding checks from the previous year, and also gave approval for the final plat of Blue Chair Meadows, a new housing development located off of Prospect Drive east of Adel.

The Board also went into a closed session regarding pending litigation.