On Thursday, Jan. 18, Trivia with Friends was held at La Poste and raised $696 in funds for the Perry Public Library. The event encouraged goers to form teams and later compete against each other in a ten-round game of trivia.

A total of ten teams competed against on another, ranging from businesses to families at Thursday night’s event.

“I thought we had a great turnout,” said Library Director, Mary Murphy. “What’s nice is that we’re off campus, so we’re at a place where you can have an adult beverage and it’s almost like camaraderie.”

“It’s a fun fundraiser.”

The event has been held about four times, and Murphy says funds will go towards programming at the library.

“It’s mostly programming because we don’t have a line item in our city budget,” Murphy said. “All of the programming comes from donations and fundraisers.”

Murphy is also in charge of creating the PowerPoint slides featuring the questions, and finds inspiration through trivia in her off time.

“I’m sort of a trivia buff,” Murphy laughs. “I’m at a point in my life where I try to keep my connections fresh - I have Jeopardy on my phone and Daily Trivia.”

The success of Perry’s Trivia with Friends has also inspired other library’s to talk about recreating their own vent.

“I’ve talked to the Ankeny library and their Friends have been trying to do something, and I talked to someone from Johnston who wants to do something like this,” Murphy said. “Fundraisers are so hard because it’s usually all the same and this is actually more of an experiential event.”

Trivia with Friends is hosted twice a year and is tentatively set to occur again on Thursday, June 14.