In efforts to bring more conversation to the table, the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce has re-adapted an Ambassador program. The program meets the third Thursday of each month at 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. and is free to employees with Chamber of Commerce memberships.

In addition, those who wish to join but are not Chamber members can do so for $78 dollars. After joining the program, Ambassadors will receive an Ambassador badge which identify’s the individual.

President of Perry’s Chamber of Commerce, Emily Leslie, said the program was revived after speaking with the Chamber Board and Executive Directors among other Chambers.

“They said that it’s a program that’s crucial in regards to large communities and small communities,” Leslie said. “Because the Director, no matter how fabulous they are, can’t be everywhere all the time.”

Those who become ambassadors would take part in discussion of projects as well as have the opportunity to promote their business or brand while volunteering at Chamber events.

“This is their way to be really closely connected with the Chamber and the Board of what’s going on,” Leslie said. “The Ambassador program gets them to be the first ones to volunteer and be in the know of what were doing.”

During the monthly meetings, Ambassadors will get a chance to learn more about upcoming programs as well as get the opportunity to make suggestions for the Chamber Board.

“That’s kind of the point of the exclusive membership - you have that point to contribute thoughts and ideas by being a member.”

The Chamber Board previously met twice a month to discuss programs, but has now given the second meeting to the Ambassadors program.

“We were meeting twice a month and there was usually stuff to talk about, but if we really fine tuned our agenda and streamlined what we needed to get done, we could cut it down to once a month,” Leslie said. “At second slot where we would typically have a board meeting, run that Ambassadors program with the thought of it supporting the board and bringing ideas and questions or concerns to the board in general.”

Ambassadors are asked to make a one year commitment and can anticipate around three to four hours a month with the program, according to information provided by the Perry Area Chamber of Commerce.

“We want to the Ambassadors to know that they’re valued and people are recognizing the hard work and the time [that] they’re putting into this,” Leslie said.

The Chamber Board hopes to continue growing with the community through this program.

“We’re just trying to work on the feedback pieces to make sure that the Chamber is not necessarily always going to be running the same, that were constantly evolving, but evolving in a way that the membership wants,” Leslie said. “The only way we can do that is by having more eyes and eras, taking surveys and opening up this Ambassador program.”