The Hotel Pattee has opened up their two-lane bowling alley to a potential eight-team bowling league. Surfacing later this month, eight teams of five will be able to compete weekly for grand prizes given at the end of the 12-week competition.

A first for the Hotel, the idea of creating a league for the lanes came up after the 2017 renovation.

“I’ve been kicking the idea around for a couple of months,” said Clint Nelsen, League Organizer. “We wanted to make sure we had an idea of how to do it and there would be enough participation.”

Nelsen invited members of the public to gather for an informational meeting at the lanes on Thursday, Jan. 11.

Additionally, another meeting will be held on Monday, Jan. 15 for those who could not make it to Thursday’s session.

“We need as many people as we can get,” Nelsen told the crowd during the Thursday night meeting.

Ideally the leagues will consist of eight teams with five members each, with an additional substitute to fill in if a team member is missing.

The mixed leagues will be split into two sets: Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday leagues at 3:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.

“If you’re on the Tuesday and Thursday night league, they’ll be four teams: “A,B,C,D,” [and] it rotates each week,” Nelsen explained.

In addition, Sunday teams will be split into “E,F,G,H.”

Those in the Tuesday/Thursday league will rotate days, and the Sunday league will rotate times.

“I know that some people have other commitments on their schedule so we will allow substitutes on leagues and that will be totally up to the team,” Nelsen said. “I’m not going to restrict who you have or how many times they can bowl for your team.”

Bowling shoes will be available but are limited. In the instance of running out of a preferred size, bowlers are able to wear clean street shoes or socks. Bowlers can also bring their own bowling ball if desired.

For scoring purposes, automatic scoring is available and the reports will be printed at the Hotel. The scores will all be kept track of so bowlers can stay updated on their weekly totals.

While the league will follow the United States Bowling Congress [USBC] guidelines, those involved in leagues already will not be able to tally the Hotel Pattee’s bowling scores up in national league score.

“This is not a league-sanctioned facility,” Nelsen explained. “Our machines are called string machines so they’re slightly different than [what] you’re used to.”

“The pin action is the same, but rather than the pins free-falling to the back and being re-stacked by a loader, these are actually new machines.”

At the end of the 12 weeks, the Hotel will offer a series of prizes to winners, according to Nelsen.

“The championship team from Tuesday/Thursday league will play the championship team from the Sunday league, and whoever wins will be the overall champion,” Nelsen said. “The five person team, plus a guest for each person, will get a free chef’s table at the hotel.”

The prize reaches up to $1,000, Nelsen described.

“The running up team will receive gift certificates for two in the restaurant.”

Additional prizes will be given to the individual bowler with the highest score and highest average, as well as prizes for substitutes with the highest average and score.

Those interested can sign up at The Hotel Pattee.