The PCSD School Board met for a regular scheduled meeting on Monday, Jan. 8. Superintendent Clark Wicks and Board Member Casey Baldwin were not present during the session.

Baldwin recently accepted a new position career and will miss a few meetings until his schedule is set, according to an email sent by Baldwin. The email explains that the conflict will only take place during during “this time of transition” and that Wicks and Baxter have been “extremely supportive of the plan to concentrate on the career change and dive into meetings when my work schedule cools off in the next couple of months.”

In order to stay updated, Baldwin plans on meeting with Baxter to stay in the loop of the board’s happenings.

After the announcement, the following topics were discussed among the board.

Board approved the request to issue bids for Dewey Complex improvements

Dewey Complex Project Manager, Mike Murphy, of Larson Engineering, spoke to the School Board on behalf of plans for Dewey Field.

Two separate meetings occurred on both Dec. 19 and Jan. 4 to further along the progress of the Dewey Field project.

Baxter spoke to the board about the Dewey Field meetings.

“It’s the basic concept of what we had already and just bringing the details [together] and clarification,” Baxter said.

The Board approved the request to issue out bids for Dewey Complex, which will open at Jan. 16 at 10 a.m. The project will be explained to potential bidders and they will have the opportunity to ask questions.

“In that notice to bid letting, it’ll state that the bids will be due Feb. 6 at 2 p.m., that’ll be done at the District Office,” Larson said.

According to Larson, the bids will be opened and read aloud by Business Manager, Kent Bultman, and recorded by Larson.

“I will share bid tabs with all participants in the public bid opening so they can follow along,” Larson said. “Once we verify and record those correctly, then we’ll share [them] with all of those in attendance and Superintendent Wicks as well.”

According to Larson, the bidding documents will state the following: work will begin the week of April 2; it will be bid to two separate general contractors; one bid will be for the concession building, stadium entry, and side improvement process which will have a completion of Aug. 10; the other general contract is dedicated to the bleachers and press-box bid-alternate with a completion date of Aug. 17.

Everything, including small items and inspection, is tentatively set to be finalized on Aug. 31.

PCSD will begin a partnership with Wildwood Hills Ranch

The Board approved a partnership with Wildwood Hills Ranch after hearing a joint-presentation from Laura Skeel and Tami Valline. Both had visited the Ranch late last year and believe the experience will benefit select students with behavioral issues.

Wildwood Hills Ranch serves as a supportive facility that caters to ages 8-18 with behavioral issues. The program also caters to post-high school, aiding students through college and adulthood. Valline says the organization has tried to bring students back to the facility as potential staff members in the future as well.

“They’re looking at students that are at risk,” said PHS Counselor, Tami Valline. “Students would go to Wildwood Ranch one weekend a month and then in the summertime they can go up to twelve days.”

“We know some other districts in the area that have taken advantage of using Wildwood Hills Ranch and we think that we have some students that would really benefit from the program.”

Wildwood Hills Ranch gives students opportunities to fish, rock climb, high-ropes courses and other experiences.

“They sort of wrap their arms around these kids and try to make them into better people and give them a better opportunity for their future,” Valline said.

The program is no cost to the families or to the school district.

“They provide all of the scholarships, the only cost would be if we want to help parents with transportation to get kids from the here to St. Charles,” said Director of Learning Supports, Laura Skeel.

With the partnership, PCSD would also have a staff member visit once in the summer to check in and see how students are doing.

The guidance counselors from all schools would ideally work together to identify students that would benefit from the program.