A few days short of New Years Eve, children and family members gathered in the Minburn Elementary gym to celebrate a different tradition: Noon Years Eve. The event, held on Friday, Dec. 29, allowed children to participate in the traditional late night fun by kicking off the countdown at noon.

“Noon Years Eve” started in 2014 where it encouraged family members to celebrate the holiday together.

“[It’s] for the kids who wouldn’t stay up until midnight so they still get to have the fun noise-makers, party hats, games,” said Library Director, Nicole Connick.

Connick originally created the program when she was interested in getting her kids involved with the holiday.

“Most of the things I do [for the library] is because my kids would like to do them,” Connick said. “I thought it would be a fun time for everybody.”

In the past, the event was hosted at the Legion in Minburn, but has since outgrown the facility.

“We’ve gotten too big [for the legion],” Connick said. “This is our first year having it at the [elementary] school.”

During the event, children toddled around the gymnasium and played with several toys. A playlist fit for children echoed throughout the gym and in the right-corner, a plastic makeshift-hammock held colorful balloons that hung in the air.

Overhead, a projection screen stretched across the walls and later projected a countdown before noon.

“The first year we had 10-15 [attendees] maybe, and then last year was 36, and I counted 45 [this year],” Connick said

Attendees for the 11 a.m. to noon event are primarily Minburn residents, but Connick has seen a variety as more attendees are bringing in family members and other guests.

A few minutes to noon, Connick gathered everyone under the balloon arch for a photo.

In the spirit of New Years Eve, at noon, the balloons dropped.