Members of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department have tamed an overnight New Years Day residence fire that would not quit. According to the Perry Police Department, the office received a call at 12:46 a.m. regarding the fire.

Responders were notified by several callers who reported the house fire on 1319 Fifth St., details the Perry Volunteer Fire Department run sheet. The home is owned by Jose Diaz.

Once the Fire Department arrived on scene, fire fighters were able to get the fire under control, but not in time to save the structure of the home. The residence is considered a total loss, the run sheet details.

Nineteen fire fighters were on scene and exposed to temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees during the battle.

“We were out on the call until 6:30 this morning and we got called back out at 7:15 [a.m.],” said Chief of the Perry Volunteer Fire Department, Chris Hinds.

The Perry Police Department contacted the Fire Department about heavy smoke and visible flame showing again at the residence.

Seven fire fighters responded and were on scene within ten minutes of the call.

Once they arrived on scene during the additional visit, the Public Works Department were contacted and later provided a backhoe in order to pull pieces of the collapsed roof onto the ground.

This allowed the Fire Department to extinguish the burning between the collapsed pieces of the structure, explains the run sheet.

The fire at the residence has been extinguished.

This is an ongoing story and The Perry Chief will continue to update as more information is made available.