The work on the new Dallas County Law Enforcement Facility took another step forward on Tuesday. The Board of Supervisors approved the bids for its construction with a total of 12 different contractors, all on 2-1 votes with chairman, Kim Chapman casting the dissenting vote on all 12 votes.

The bids all came in under budget, which was originally well over $20 million.

The option to award bids individually for each part of the work was one of three options the Supervisors had to choose from and, with five alternates also approved, will cost a total of $16,736,976, which is $497,772 less than the Ball Team’s bid of 17,234,750 with the alternates and the bid from the Lang Group which, with alternates and individual bids factored in, would have come to $17,155,000.

The contractors that were awarded the bids, and their base bids, are as follows:

- Concrete: Neumann Brothers for $1,729,725.

- Precast: Molin Concrete Products for $951,939.

- Masonry: Midwest Masonry for $1,628,000.

- General Package: Edge Commercial for $2,762,299.

- Roofing, Flashing and Accessories: Northern Cedar Service for $467,600.

- Detention Equipment: TTJ Holdings for $1,454,000

- Laundry and Food Service: Mueller Fixture for $329,370.

- Fire Sprinkler: Continental Fire for $316,605.

- Plumbing and HVAC: L.A. Fulton for $3,393,000.

- Electrical and Communications, and Security Electronics: Van Maanen Electric for $2,319,000.

- Utilities: McAnich Corporation for $348,650.

The board voted to reject all votes for structural steel and rebid. The low bid for structural steel was $816,000.

There was confusion about the bid by the Lang Group. Their bid only included a “General Package” for $7,367,000 without the alternates and included concrete, precast, furnish and install structural steel, laundry and food service and fire sprinklers.

The bid from the Ball Team only included a “General Package” and included all scopes of the work for a total of $16,949,000 without the alternates.

“No offense to my colleagues, I think they’ve done a great job trying to bring value to the County,” said Rick Ball of the Ball Team. “The reality is, there is only one complete bid on bid day that is inclusive of all scope items, all alternates getting to a true number.”

He stated that he believes the bid of $329,370 for laundry and food service submitted by Mueller Fixture was “incomplete” and that the low bid of $3,200 for the alternate that included the installation of parking arms to keep cars from driving up to the sally port did not include the concrete or the wiring that would also be necessary for those to be operational.

Sid Samuels, President of the Samuels Group, who is the construction manager for the project, disputed Ball’s claims of being the “only complete bid,” saying the work not done in the general package would be done by the low bidders from the other individual contractors.

“I think someone’s talking to position themselves to get a project, and it’s quite disturbing” Samuels said.

Additionally, Samuels Group informed the board that the bid submitted by Molin Concrete for the concrete work included the concrete and the wiring for the future installation of those arms.

Chapman stated after the vote that he would have preferred to not go the individual route, but rather go with the next lowest bid of the General Package from Lang and the individual bids to round out the work.