On Monday, Nov. 6, Perry’s City Council met for a regular scheduled bi-monthly meeting. Mayor Jay Pattee was absent during the Monday night meeting, and At-Large councilmen Chuck Schott filled in as the mayor pro tem.

The following items were discussed during the brief session.

Update on Soccer Complex: potential liquidated damages, next steps

Peterson discussed with the Council an update regarding the city’s soccer complex project.

“A couple of weeks ago, we met with the contractor as well as their bonding agent and insurance company, and we had a discussion,” Peterson said. “After that, it came to a little bit of a pause in work, so we notified them that they had to complete the punch-list items by what will be this Friday, [Nov. 10] otherwise we will be calling the bond.”

“This is kind of the last straw - they have until Friday, period.”

According to Peterson, the council meeting marked the “$100,000 dollar day” in liquidated damages.

“If you’re looking straight up, this would be the 200th day,” said Josh Shields, Landscape Architect at Bolton & Menk.

“With that we have some overage time from Bolton & Menk as well as lost revenues on our part being for being able to have tournaments, and renting the fields, things like that,” Peterson described. “Also my time messing around with this project, as well as some other staff’s time - so all of that will be put against liquidated damages and brought to Spring Lake Construction.”

After the update, 2nd-Ward, Dr. Randy McCaulley asked about the next steps going forward.

“As long as they get everything wrapped up and finished by the end of this week, I think that we’re still looking at things germinating well in the spring, if they need to touch up things things [then] have them touched up at that point,” Shields described. “They should be exactly where we should have been a year ago and being ready to be opened up by Fall 2018 - that’s best case scenario.”

“Worst case scenario, nothing happens this week to wrap things up, we end up having to call the bond, the bonding agents would have to go through and get quotes to have somebody come in and finish the items that are remaining.”

Shields said the weather could be a large factor in not complying, if someone would come in and finish the items.

“Because of the weather and the conditions, it’s unlikely that someone would be able to come in this fall to wrap things up, it’s all weather-dependent at this point, and there would be additional time in there to find another person to come in and work on it.”

“Worst case scenario, it wouldn’t happen until spring to get everything wrapped, which depending on spring-summer, how things grow in which would really dictate if it would be capable of being used.”

The Police Department’s new Sally Port Project to be done shortly

City Administrator, Sven Peterson, briefly discussed the progress with the Police Station’s new Sally Port.

“The doors are on,” Peterson said. I think there are just one or two more openers that need to be set up and then they’ll be moving into the electrical rough-ins and putting the interior walls in.”

The Sally Port Project was previously approved during an April 3 City Council meeting.

The project will consist of an additional garage where it will work as a transportation unit for inmates, or provide privacy to victims and witnesses of a crime.

Peterson believes the project will be finishing late-Nov., early Dec.

Opening on Perry Historic Preservation Board

The Perry Historic Preservation Board is seeking a new member to join its current committee. The board meets the first Wednesday of each month starting at 4 p.m. at Perry City Hall, 1102 Willis Ave.

“Interesting parties need to submit a letter of interest to Sven [Peterson] and City Council and then we’ll try and fill that position,” said Chuck Schott, At-Large and mayor pro tem.

Those who wish to submit an online application can be submitted through an online forum on the Perry website or via email to Peterson.

Second annual Fiber Arts Fair to grow larger

The Council approved a request by Art on the Prairie President, Jenny Eklund, regarding the interest of the second-annual

Fiber Arts Fair in May 2018. The new addition will include a larger preview of the May fair: benches, rails, bike racks, light poles, and the trellis at Josh Davis Plaza will be covered in fiber.

Monday, May. 7, 2018 to Monday, May 14, 2018 is the designated time frame for the preparation and disassembling of the Fiber Art, according to the council packet.

“We wanted to do a big landscape mural but we’ve been in touch with a lady whose been known truly all over the world and we’ve got a new idea going,” said Jenny Eklund, President of Art on the Prairie. “It’s [Fiber Art Fair] going to be bigger and better.”