Before former Woodward Mayor Brian Devick resigned from his position due to various health complications, he made a suggestion as to who he believes would best fill the role. Todd Folkerts was recently handed the gavel and now takes on the title of Woodward City Mayor.

During October’s City Council Meeting, a vote took place among board members to determine who would officially take over as mayor. The Mayor Pro Tem up until that point had been Dave Luke, which officially made Todd Folkerts Woodward’s third mayor to serve within the previous four weeks.

“I look forward to the challenge! It’s always nice to have people who want you to step up and do something,” Folkerts said. “I guess as far as taking on the role, I am a 25 year military veteran and retired as a company commander, so to me it’s no different than my role throughout my career. You move up, you take on a new challenge, and you do the best you can with it.”

Folkerts had been sitting on the council for three years before the unanimous vote placed him as mayor. When Devick had resigned a month prior, Folkerts was asked by several other council members as well as some community members if he would like to be one of the candidates to fill that position.

“I put my name in (to be a candidate) and then of course the evening of our council meeting there was one other candidate and I ended up, by a vote, that I became the mayor,” said Folkerts. “It was by council appointment that it was done. It wasn’t done by special election.”

Folkerts’ appointment now leaves a vacant spot on the council. During the Nov. 13 meeting the council plans to appoint someone to that position as well. The process for this is the same as it was to get a new mayor. Anyone who is interested may be considered for this position by contacting Woodward City Hall and must be done one week before the November meeting.

“Hopefully within the next year or 13 months while we make improvements and make Woodward the great place that I think it is, we’ll make it better,” said Folkerts.