Yet another problem has arisen in the bidding process for the construction of the new Law Enforcement Center in Dallas County. After awarding the bid for structural steel to U.S. Erectors earlier this year, it was discovered that the notice for bids was not published for long enough and will now have to go through the bid process yet again.

“The Ball Team suit revealed that there was a irregularity in publishing the time for bidding for bid package No. 5 when it was re-let early in January,” explained Wayne Reisetter, Dallas County Attorney. “Because of that irregularity, it appears to counsel that there was a violation of law, and because of that violation of law, that contract cannot be sustained.”

Reisetter recommended to the Board of Supervisors that they contact U.S. Erectors to notify them that their contract is void.

The Ball Team filed a petition in January, seeking an injunction against the County after the Board of Supervisors awarded 12 bid packages to 12 different contractors for the construction of the new Dallas County Law Enforcement Center.

The Iowa Code states that they must post the notice to bidders “not less than thirteen and not more than forty-five days before the date for filing bids.” It says that they must publish the notice in a “relevant contractor plan room service with statewide circulation, in a relevant construction lead generating service with statewide circulation, and on an internet site sponsored by either a governmental entity or a statewide association that represents the governmental duty.”

Jerry Purdy from Design Alliance said they are preparing the addenda that will revise the bid date for bid package No. 5 and they hope to have that ready on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Sid Samuels, President of the Samuels Group, recommended a bid date of March 1, which the board agreed with.

The bids will be tabulated and brought to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, March 6.

Lease renewed at 918 Court Street

At the meeting on Jan. 30, the Supervisors discussed the possibility of renewing its lease at 918 Court Street, which currently houses the Motor Vehicle Department and the drivers’ license station in Adel. They came back this week with an additional option: A 1-year lease.

The Board ultimately approved the 1-year lease, which has two 1-year options at the end. Under the approved lease, they will pay $2,979 per month for the first year, less than $100 higher per month than if they had approved a 2-year lease.

Pre-levy resolution approved

The Board approved a pre-levy resolution for the issuance of $14.72 million General Obligation Bond Capital Loan Notes for the Law Enforcement Center. This allows them to levy the tax starting in fiscal year 2018-19, so that they will be able to make the debt payments when they sell those bonds later this year.