The Dewey football field renovation project continues to make great progress as football season gets closer.

The projected finish date for the new additions has been set for mid August and Perry Superintendent Clark Wicks says the plan is to have the construction finalized a week before the opening date in order to add in all of the other details.

“There’s a lot of different little things that can make a big difference,” Wicks said. “The concession stand needs to get equipped and organized, the booster club and where the Bluejay apparel will be needs to get organized, getting the sound system ready to go and setting up the donor walls will happen in that last week.”

With all this in mind, Wicks says it is on track to open on Aug. 24, as the school board, athletic department and Larson Engineering are all working together to get the field ready.

Larson Engineering continues to attend Perry School Board meetings to inform all in attendance about the various steps and updates regarding the project.

On Monday, June 11 Michael Murphy, the Civil Department Manager for Larson Engineering, informed the school board the water service and electric inspection will be finished by the end of this week. The road in front of the field will soon be filled with concrete and laid over with asphalt. Murphy informed the school board that road should be open again within the next two weeks.

Murphy also informed board meeting attendees of several exciting updates to be finished by the end of this month. A few of these include the bleacher installation, the press box construction and the Plaza will be paved and ready for the Bluejay statue that will be featured to the left of the entrance.

Wicks says this statue and all other additions will improve the “Bluejay atmosphere.”

“We want to really have a strong presence at the field that says, ‘this is Bluejay Country,’” Wicks said. “We want to have a good and inviting atmosphere for people to want to come in, stand and watch the game from there, or at the very least have a nice entrance from our perspective.”

Wicks also says he and the rest of the renovation project team are very thankful to all who have donated and helped raise funds for this to happen. He hopes that more alumni will want to help be a part of this as well. Wicks added that those interested will soon be able to make an online donation on the school website.