On Thursday, Dec. 21, the Perry Jayettes hosted the Ogden Bulldogs. The game ended with the Jayettes taking the close back-and-forth game 46-35.

The first quarter went by quickly, only to end with the Bulldogs taking the lead 15-14. Molly Lutmer led the quarter for the Jayettes with ten of the 14 points.

The second quarter went just as quickly with the Jayettes only scoring five points and the Bulldogs four.

The first two points of the quarter went to Lutmer, two and a half minutes into the quarter. Her field goal allowed the Jayettes to lead 16-15.

Another two minutes later and Jayette Isabel Saemisch was called on a foul that allowed Denali Loecker two free throws. Loecker made both shots and the Bulldogs were back up by one.

With less than a minute left in the half, Abby Langel scored the final field goal for the Bulldogs. Her shot was followed by a three pointer from Lutmer, though. With Lutmer’s shot, the half ended 19-19.

The Bulldogs began the third quarter with a three pointer from Langel that got them out ahead. Again, Lutmer came back with a field goal and the Jayettes were down just one point.

With a free throw and a field goal, the Bulldogs found themselves up 25-21, but not for long. Again, Lutmer was the Jayette to score. Her three pointer put the score at 25-21.

The Jayettes continued to trail by one, it wasn’t until Bulldog Meredith Adreon fouled Grace Stewart the the game was tied again. Stewart scored one of her two free throws and the score was tied at 28-28.

Immediately following Stewart’s free throw, Quinn Whiton scored a field goal for the Jayettes allowing them to lead for the first time in the quarter.

Unfortunately, with 1:16 left to go, Langel put up another three pointer for the Bulldogs and the third quarter ended 31-30.

After a foul called against the Bulldogs, the Jayettes came back with a three pointer to lead the game once more. Alyssa Kruger made the shot and the scoreboard read 33-31 with 7:34 still to go.

The game went on and after two fouls, Stewart scored again for the Jayettes. It took a couple minutes for the Bulldogs to score. Langel put up two points and the Bulldogs now trailed by just two points.

Luckily, the Jayettes came back with nine points before letting them score again. Lutmer put up another five points, while Gabby West and Stewart each scored a field goal for the Jayettes. With those nine points the Jayettes led44-33 with two minutes left in the game.

Langel finally scored again with just under a minute and a half to go, but this was the last two points the Bulldogs would see.

The Jayettes last two points came after Bulldog Ashton Boggess fouled Stewart. Stewart made both of her free throws and the game ended 46-35.

The Jayettes broke their losing streak and now hold a 2-8 record. They will play against after break on Jan. 5 against Ballard at 6:00 p.m.