Perry High’s athletics were recognized by the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) during the 2016-2017 academic year, Superintendent Clark Wicks announced during the Sept. 11 school board meeting. The school was recognized for their ability to maintain a full-year without a single ejection from both students and coaches.

Superintendent Clark Wicks congratulated the students and coaching staff on the recognition at the school board meeting.

“Kudos to our student athletes and coaches for keeping it under control,” Superintendent Clark Wicks said.

Wicks read aloud the letter sent from the association:

“It is with great pride that I send this letter to your school regarding coach and student athlete conduct. During the 2016-2017 year, you’re one of the 105 schools which calculates to 45 percent of the membership who had no student-athletes or coaches ejected during the 2016-2017 school year.”

According to Perry’s Athletic Director, Tom Lipovac, the recognition is one PCSD prides itself on.

“We are always pleased to see notification that our efforts of sportsmanship are being recognized,” Lipovac said. “We have received it in the past and it tends to be typical for our school district.”

Out of all of the high schools involved in the association, Perry is placed within the 45% who were able to go an entire school year without coach or student ejections.

We emphasize with our students and staff respect for the game; this is something that is advocated and we’ve incorporated into our program ” Lipovac described. “We want to accept defeat with dignity and absolutely believe that everyone is a role model.”

According to the Student Ejection Policy from the 2017 Fall Sports Manual, athletes face additional consequences with the IHSAA when they are disqualified during a game. The following disciplinary actions are outlined in the manual:

”Any student-athlete at any level grades 7-12 who is ejected from an IHSAA sanctioned sport will be required to take the NFHS Fundamentals elective course “Sportsmanship-It’s Up to You.” The course must be viewed prior to being able to return and compete in an interscholastic contest and the certificate of course completion must be sent to the IHSAA office. There is no cost associated with taking this course.”

“This mandate is in addition to missing the next regularly scheduled game/meet which is defined as the next scheduled, rescheduled, or contracted date. Students failing to complete the course prior to participating in an interscholastic contest are considered ineligible athletes and forfeiture may occur.”

Lipovac says all middle through high school athletics are considered to be an extension of the classroom.

“We want to compete and we tend to compete at the highest level possible - we want to do it the right way,” Lipovac said.