In less than a week Perry’s cross country teams were back on the running trail participating at another meet when they traveled to Greene County for the Rams’ Invitational.

On Thursday afternoon at Spring Lake Park, the Bluejays and Jayettes laced up their sneakers and finished the boys and girls’ AA 5K Run run in seventh and ninth place.

Seventh place finishers the Bluejays combined average time of 19:49 edged out eighth place finishers the Creston Panthers by 29 seconds. The host Rams placed ninth.

The Nevada Cubs took home first place, Kuemper Catholic Knights finished second, and the Algona Bulldogs rounded out the top three.

Fourth place went to the Winterset Huskies, fifth place belonged to the Boone Toreadors and the Denison Monarchs claimed sixth.

For the Jayettes’ runners their combined average time of 27:17 landed them in the final spot with the Toreadors finishing eighth and the lady Knights finishing seventh.

The Monarchs took first place followed by the Panthers while the Huskies finishing third. In fourth place was the Bulldogs, the host Rams placed fifth and in sixth was the Cubs.

Once again Zachary Thompson, Perry senior, was the team’s first runner to cross with a time of 18:46 for 20th place. Fellow senior Eli Noble (25th) came in after with a 19:33 and junior Mario Cruz (43rd) followed with a 20:13.

On the Jayettes side sophomore Hannah Peterson led her squad with a time of 25:14 for 45th place. Freshman Cris Gomez (51st) was next with a 27:05 and following close behind was junior Julissa Calderon (53rd) with a 27:35.

The teams are back at it this coming Tuesday, Sept. 11 when they travel to Huxley for another invitational hosted by the Ballard Bombers.

Other Perry participants:

Angela Hernandez (55) 27:48

Sophie Prombo (57) 28:44

Jaky Castaneda (61) 29:27

Darian McCord (62) 29:51

Kat Munoz, 29:58

Jocelyn Fuentes, 31:09

Alondra Avila, 35:08

Taylor Eppert, 35:10

Maria Izquierdo, 37:13

Eduardo Sanchez (44) 20:13

Zach Stewart (46) 20:18

Aaron Lockwood (53) 20:54

Ben Stika (57) 21:47

Hayden McFarland, 21:48

Gabe Ridnour, 22:44

Beau Nelson, 23:01

Jacob Prombo, 23:29

Miguel Gonzalez, 24:57

Chase Archer, 25:41

Collin Malmberg, 25:41

Alex Thompson, 27:13

Kyle Lockwood, 27:28

Roger Jacobson, 29:48

Devin Carillo, 33:46