The Perry Summer Swim Team (PSST) closes out their undefeated season with a top five finish at this year’s Iowa West Swim Conference Meet.

It’s been almost two weeks since PSST finished off their regular season with a 9-0 record and fourth place finish at the conference tournament.

Ar Sac City on Saturday, July 15 the swimming squad held their own against nine other formidable opponents.

After the waves subsided and the competitors toweled off, the team from Perry made their way to the fourth place platform having earned 222 points.

Only a mere 12.5 points separated PSST from first place winners the swim team from Guthrie who tallied 234.5 points.

The Jefferson swim team finished second with 234 points while the Carroll swim team edged out PSST for third place with 228.5 points.

Coon Rapids Swim Team placed fifth with 168.5 points, followed by the Stingrays of Denison with 167, then host Sac City with 129. In eighth was Lake City with 66.5, ninth went to Glidden with 33 and Maning recorded 10th with one point.

In the 76 competitive events, PSST nabbed nine first place - two team and 15 second place finishes - five team.

“Perry was missing some of our higher scoring swimmers the day of conference, which accounts for some of our placing at the meet,” PSST Board Secretary Heather Karolus said. “However, all of our swimmers in attendance left it all in the pool last Saturday [July 15], and we are very proud of what the team accomplished this season.”

The girls were responsible for two team first places and four team second places , while the boys recorded one team second place finish.

Individually the boys earned two top spots. One from Kane Mahler-Moreno (9-10) in the 25-meter breaststroke and the other by Issac Winey (8 & under) in the 25-meter backstroke.

Five girls won their individual matches. In the (9-10) category Lily Riley won the 25-meter backstroke, and Quin Mahler-Moreno took the 25-meter breaststroke. Haley Vaughn (15-18) topped everyone in the 50-meter breaststroke.

Once again Riley earned her second individual first place medal with a win in the 50-meter freestyle and Sophia McDevitt (11-12) rounded out the final win in the 100-meter freestyle.

PSST also reveled in another accomplishment as they were presented with the IWSC first place trophy for their 9-0 season record.

“It is on display at the [McCreary] rec center,” Karolus said.

That wasn’t the final recognition PSST received. A total of 19 swimmers earned All-Star recognition.

“Swimming is not only a team sport, but an individual one as well and several of our swimmers are recognized for their individual accomplishments.” Karolus said.

Reise Archer, Quin, McDevitt, Riley, Vaughn, Garrett Winey, all earned team individual All-Stars. This honor is reserved for swimmers who earned at least 30 points in one stroke out of a possible 45.

The team all around all-stars, who placed in the top 10% of team points included Devon Archer, Logan Castillo, Abby Herman, Stephanie Hill, Addison Huntington, Aleah Karolus, Kane Mahler-Moreno, Breanna Penenger, Sarah Prombo, Joel Storey, Townes Wilson, Ethan and Issac Winey.

The conference individual all-stars are given to swimmers who earned at least 36 out of 45 points in one stroke. For PSST it were Riese, Aleah Karolus, Quin, McDevitt, Riley, Vaughn, and Garrett.

Rounding up the final slew of recognitions in the conference all around all-stars were Issac, Devon, Wilson, Penenger, Huntington, and Hill. They managed to earn 180 out of 225 possible points.