Fore! In a couple of days the Perry Jayettes will embark on a new season of fairways, greenery, and hopefully some hole in ones.

Last season’s team showed a lot of promise and Jayette head coach Joel Happel’s goal was simple. He wanted his golfers to show growth as the season progressed.

There was a lot of potential to move towards the top part of the conference and if the team can build a foundation and excitement for the future, I will consider it a successful year, he stated.

This season’s goal is far more reaching but very much achievable in the eyes of the ambitious golf coach.

“We should be able to compete with anyone in the conference,” Happel said. “I would like the team to get to the State tournament.”

Two of the key golfers who figure in this equation are Alyssa Krueger, junior, and Brooke Huntington, senior.

Happel feels that these two players are the ones that fans and competitors should keep an eye out for.

“Huntington and Kruger will be the top two players,” he said.

As a sophomore Kruger was consistently the best golfer on the team. In a 9-hole round she average a 51, a 99.33 in an 18-hole round for a combined course rating of 51.57 per nine holes.

Her counterpart Huntington was second on the team with a 9-hole average of 55.43, an 18-hole average of 104 for a combined course rating average of 54.9 per nine holes.

These two Jayettes will not have to go it alone. Playing into the mix are three returning players -

Sarah Sweet, senior, Madyson Hill, sophomore, and Skylar Cunningham., junior.

Happel will look to these veterans to help mentor a fresh new crop of players. Junior Patience Galivan, sophomores Delaney Eiteman and Cristal Ruiz and four freshmen, MaryLou Ledesma Fallon Heater, Yamilet Figueroa and Jocelyn Ramirez.

The new additions to the team will be looked at to individually improve as the season goes on and try to replicate what the Jayettes accomplished last year.

As a team last season, along with three key recent graduates Ellie Nielsen, Elizabeth Blakeman and Rebecca Dobson, the Jayettes’ top four players averaged 217.75 score with a 220.07 adjusted score by course rating in eight 9-hole matches.