The Perry Area Winter Swim (PAWS) team finished their day at the Midwest Regional Swim Meet with four top three finishes.

At last Saturday’s meet hosted by the University of Minnesota’s Aquatic Center, the PAWS athletes left some competitors in their wake.

The team sent nine swimmers to Gopher nation with two participants tallying four of the top three spots.

For the second week in a row, Sophia McDevitt who competed in the 9/10 age group, led the squad with a second place finish. She swam a 6:19.12 in the 500 freestyle.

She also recorded two individual third place finishes. One came in the 200 freestyle with the other one in the 100 backstroke. McDevitt finished off the weekend recording three fourth finishes and one six place.

Joining McDevitt with a top three finish was teammate Riese Archer who managed third place finish in the boys 13-14 year old 400-freestyle relay. He also earned seventh in the 200-freestyle relay.

Many PAWS parent volunteers and fans who made the trip were proud of all the performances and some like Stacy Vaughn took to Facebook to show her appreciation.

“Our nine regional swimmers represented PAWS well this weekend with several top finishes and personal bests!,” Vaughn posted. “Congrats to these swimmers for time drops in their individual events.”

Three other swimmers recorded top 10 finishes. Swimmer/coach Haley Vaughn (15-18) came in 10th place in the 200-freestyle relay.

Her younger sister Sarah Vaughn also earned 1oth place in the 200-freestyle relay event. Abby Herman (13/14) rounded out the top ten finishes with 10th place in the 200-freestyle relay.

The team of Quinn Mahler-Moreno, Charlotte Schrum, Lilly Riley and McDevitt missed finished 11th in the 200-freestyle relay and 15th in the 200-medley relay.

Devon Archer (15-18) managed a 12th place finish in the 200-medley relay and 14th in the 200-freestyle relay.

Capping off the weekend was Jaylene Karolus (11/12) who placed 23rd in the 200-freestyle relay.