In reference to the article in The Perry Chief on Jun 21st concerning the pit bull attack, Perry’s code of Ordinances, Chapter 44, states that it is unlawful to allow any dog to run loose. It also says that any animal found running loose shall be impounded, or at the discretion of the police officer, the owner shall be served a summons to appear in court. Given the fact that approximately 30 citations were issued to the owners of the pit bull, why wasn’t it impounded? According to the city ordinance on dogs, they are supposed to be on a leash, tied up or in a fenced enclosure. I don’t believe all pit bulls are entirely vicious, but they do have the propensity for viciousness, as they have been bred for this trait.

As for the pit bull in questions, what would city officials have done to this dog had it bitten the boy instead of having pulled the puppy out of the boy’s arms and killed it? This dog now has the taste of blood and is more than likely to be more dangerous. The City Council should now take stronger action against pit bulls in Perry and ban them as other cities in Iowa have done.

Wilber Dickerson

1401 16th St.