To the editor:

I encourage my fellow citizens to consider Brandon Soll for an at-large seat on Perry’s City Council. Brandon has the proven character that we need to represent us.

His years as a family man to his wife and two sons, his years as a law officer to Perry and Dallas County residents and his years as my friend have shown that he is a man of proven character.

He is a man of integrity. A man who is as honest in his private life and he is in his public life is a man of integrity.

I see this character trait in Brandon from his public life in such responsibilities as coaching Little League baseball or in big things like upholding the law as deputy sheriff and even in the bigger private things, such as being a loving husband and a faithful father. And even a good friend.

With Brandon, what you see is what you get.

He is an independent man. He is a man who thinks for himself. Because he is an independent man, he is able to listen to your ideas and concerns and not be threatened if there are differences of opinion.

More importantly, he is not afraid to change his mind if there is a better idea because he is an independent man.

He is a man of service. Brandon’s adult life has been about serving others. There is no greater calling than to be a faithful and loving husband and father. There are few greater callings than to be a public servant by upholding the law and maintaining order in our community.

I know that Brandon believes that the at-large seat on the City Council will be another place for him to serve his community. A good leader is one who knows he is a servant to others.

Integrity. Independence. Service.

Those are all characteristics we want in our representatives at any level of elected office. That’s why I am voting for Brandon Soll for City Council, and I ask that you will join me in voting for Brandon, too. Thank you.

Doug Thompson