Did you Know… what this box was and what its use was? This is an Anderson & Erickson milk delivery box. These boxes were located on a person’s steps or porch. The milk man placed your fresh milk daily in this insulated box.

There was a time when many items had regular delivery service. In a time prior to refrigeration, ice was delivered door to door. There was home grocery delivery and a bread delivery truck as well. Dry cleaning was picked up and returned cleaned and pressed.

Today we have returned to this era. I deliver groceries for Hy-Vee, that you order online. Amazon and many other companies have you shop on your computer and have your merchandise delivered to your door. Food is regularly delivered hot to our doors for supper.

I know from first-hand experience that this is a valuable service for many people. I have delivered lots of groceries to people homebound with the flu.

I for one still like to visit a store, to see, and touch things and visit with a salesperson. Please, before you order that new drink mixer online, first look to see if you could get it here in Perry.

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