Did You Know… where this business was located? The Bally Hoo Tavern was located at 1223 Otley, on the southwest corner of Third and Otley. I felt with the pending sale of what it is today, I’d look back at the “Hoo.”

Today it’s home to the Otley Cat, restaurant and lounge. In 1920 it started life and ran until it became Overton’s Ice Cream, it became the Bally Hoo again, then several owners and name changes followed.

I lived on Sixth and Otley, and many times walked to the “Hoo.” The Bally Hoo was like TV’s Cheers, where everybody knew your name. Perry had several establishments just like this, with Mike’s Pub, coming to mind as well.

We ate at the Otley Cat on Saturday evening. There were other Perry locals eating there as well. I enjoyed my club sandwich, and was told by our waitress, not to quote her, but ” she understood, the name would not be changed, and was not sure if the menu would change.”

I liked going there to get my “Bernie Burger”, a large burger named after former Bally Hoo owner Bernie Smithson.

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