Did You Know… where this depot was located and what it is used for today? This was the “M & St L” depot. This depot was built in 1950 to replace their old depot. Today this building at the southwest corner of First and Willis and is home to the Perry Chamber of Commerce “Welcome Center”, next to the Big Bike.

Perry had three rail lines that serviced our community. These also included the Milwaukee, as well as the Interurban. Perry was a railroad town for many years. The Milwaukee had a local payroll of over 700 people at its peak.

For many years with passenger service on the Milwaukee, the trains blocked every rail crossing in Perry, while the trains loaded. If you lived north of the tracks, you knew the train schedule by heart. You could be stranded, north of the tracks for 30 minutes or more, until the train moved out. I remember my Mom telling me, “You better get going, or you will be caught up here.” On the flip side, when running late, you could always say, “I got caught by the train.”

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