Did You Know… where this photo from 1957 was taken, and what popular attraction it shows? This is a photo of the outdoor skating rink, located in Pattee Park.

Skating was very popular and the rink and the small snack shack were the place to go to meet your friends. Along with the rink in Minburn and its “Singing Wheels” programs, lots of us owned a skate case to carry our skates.

There was music provided at the rink, and different “skates” to fit the crowd. There were couple skates, and moonlight skates.

In the time when TV was still new and air conditioning was something many did not have, going skating or to the drive-in movie were the favorite summer evening entertainments. During the day, lots of us hung out around the pool, just across frog creek, from the skating rink.

This plus the ball games made Pattee Park a very popular place all around.

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