Did You Know… where Spurgeon’s was located? It had called two spots home.

It was located at 1104 Second Street, in the former Woolworths store. It was also located at 1201 Second Street, in the Stiches in Time building.

The last two weekends I spent time with the all ’70s and ‘67 class reunion members. The common thread through these groups was everything that was no longer in Perry. Everyone understood but were all sad at the loss.

Those of us lucky enough to have lived in this era, lived during some of the best times to grow up in Perry. I know Amazon has about everything you may need and will ship it to you over night but, I still miss Saturday night, shopping in Perry, years past.

Next Week

Did You Know… there was a time you shopped at either the “Big” Dime store or the “Little” Dime store?