Dear Editor:

I write to you today as a proud resident of Dallas County for more than twelve years, and a proud resident of the City of Adel for more than three of those years. I also write to you today as a former member of the “no” vote camp in prior Dallas County Bond Referendums involving the new law enforcement center and jail.

Like many of you, in the past I voted “no” in previous referendums because I was opposed to Dallas County moving a multitude of county jobs out of Adel, and I was opposed to borrowing money for county expenditures that should be paid with existing revenues.

I will be voting “YES” enthusiastically on the May 2 Bond Referendum for the new Dallas County Jail and Justice Center proposed to be built on the east side of Adel’s City Limits, and here’s why:

It is the fiscally responsible thing to do. Currently, Dallas County is forced to transport prisoners to other counties in order to accommodate the prisoners as required by state law due to our limited space. This costs the County close to a half million dollars a year. The new law enforcement center will also allow huge savings in meal preparation and provisions for inmates. THIS BOND REFERENDUM WILL LITERALLY SAVE DALLAS COUNTY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

It will allow the existing jail to be converted into a criminal court room, which is not only needed by the judicial district serving Dallas County, but required by state law due to the County’s increased population growth.

The new facility will allow our growing communities the flexibility to grow the jails even more on county-owned land, should the future require us to do so.

No County jobs will be moved out of the City of Adel.

As a proud resident of Adel and Dallas County, one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, and as a practicing attorney who routinely utilizes the court facilities in Adel professionally, I urge all Dallas County residents to get out and vote “YES” on the Bond Referendum on May 2, or earlier. Early voting precincts are open now. The future growth of Dallas County depends on our support.

Scott A. Hall

Adel, Iowa