My first Perry Chamber of Commerce awards banquet is officially in the books. Tuesday, April 11 was a fantastic time. Bob Wilson and his staff put on a lovely spread. Huge shout out to Bob and crew!

Our entire staff (minus one) was able to attend and we had a delightful time. The ambiance of LaPoste combined with the catered meal by Perry Hy-Vee made for a wonderful evening.

When I arrived in Perry I was impressed by the number of events the Chamber sponsors throughout the year. My first thought was, since there were so many, how successful can all these events be?

As time went on, I soon realized that the Perry Chamber events all seemed to be very successful. Bob truly cares about this community and wants to see all of its businesses succeed whether they are Chamber members or not.

It makes me proud to be part of an organization that celebrates the successes of other businesses and business people. After all, if one of us succeeds, don’t we all benefit from that success! Being part of the news industry allows me to be part of those successes as we tell the stories of those succeeding.

Across the United States, no matter the town location, the local community newspaper has been notorious for being the community cheerleader. If we aren’t behind businesses and helping them be successful, who will be? We tell stories of community happenings, new businesses, new and existing events, school accomplishments and unfortunately, crime when necessary.

We tell stories of upcoming events so the community knows what to attend. We tell stories of the actual event and its successful turnout. We also rely on others to tell us of upcoming events. We love to celebrate successes with our fellow business owners. We love that our relationship with the Chamber affords us the opportunity to be privy to business comings and goings that we might not otherwise know of.

Here at the Perry Chief, we rely on the Perry Chamber of Commerce and I think it’s safe to say that they rely on us too. Bob supports us and we support him. Our membership in the Perry Chamber is much more than just a card to carry in your wallet or a sticker in your store window.

My takeaway from the event was to try harder to be more involved; not only on a business level but on a personal level. I hope more businesses follow suit! And I’d encourage each business to attend the annual awards banquet next year. I know I’ll be there and more excited than ever!