Did You Know… where the Perry Café, was located in this photo? It was located at 1014 2nd Street, in the building that today is home to Pegasus Cable Channel TV.

Perry has been home to many restaurants over the years. These came and went, changed name and locations over time. Most people remember the Rib, Foxes Lunch, the Red Wood, Hind Quarter, and even Pucci’s. I can not even begin to name them all.

We have seen the loss of most of these locally owned restaurants, to have them replaced by the chains, Subway, Burger King, McDonalds and Pizza Hut. Like everyone else, I visit all of these newer restaurants, but miss the time I spent with Bill & Kay at the Maid-Rite.

A visit to the Perry Bowl, was not only for a burger, but to visit with owners, Reed or Howard. I hope this will bring back memories for you, of your favorite eating places in town.

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Did You Know… where this building was located, and what its was used for?