Did You Know… where these businesses were located? They were located on Railroad Street, in the space now home to our Library and DMACC. These buildings were lost in a major fire, in July of 1989.

This area was home to a variety of businesses over the years. The ones you remember, will depend on when you lived, or shopped in Perry. I think back to Rhoner’s Appliance, Darrell’s Antiques, The Midway, The Window Pane, Perry Granite, Perry Hardware and so many more.

This area looks very nice today. The Library and DMACC are both great looking additions to Perry’s downtown area. Where we shop today in Perry has changed, sometimes because of a fire, or because the highway that came down Willis, was moved south of town.

Looking back I remember the pool hall, and the hardware store that also sold fish, for this boys fish tank. Hope you have memories of Railroad Street as well.

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Did You Know… where the Perry Café was located, when this photo was taken?