To The Editor:

As a Dallas County resident now for 47 years and having worked closely with all county departments for many of those years, we can attest to the dramatic changes in both population services. Now it is confirmed that our county growth is one of the fastest in the entire nation. Yet, our jail facilities lag way behind event counties half our size. It is incumbent on the citizens of our county to rally around a positive vote for our new Law Enforcement Center on May 2. While the reasons are many, here are some that bear mentioning:

1. Building this new facility will SAVE taxpayers (conservatively) $22 million over the next 30 years.

2. The overcrowding is costing our county taxpayers nearly $240,000 every six months to transport and move prisoners to other county jails where there is available space.

3. The tax impact per county resident based on the Perry area average assessment will be only about a dollar a month.

4. The reality is, if this does not pass it will cost the taxpayers more in continued use of an obsolete facility and overcrowded conditions (paying our dollars to other counties).

5. Cost savings for a new expandable facility appears to pay back to us in less than five years (and that does not consider we may be able to house other county inmates and generate additional money savings).

6. Public safety should be a priority! It will be two years in construction even after passing, and cost more if done later.

If ever the case statement of facts for a positive YES vote on a referendum sold itself, this is it! Please give this your support.

Bill Clark,