Did You Know… where this business was located? The Perry Sales Pavilion, also known as the Sale Barn was located on the corner of 18th Street and Willis Avenue.

The Sale Barn opened in 1932 and burnt down in 2009. It was not only home to livestock sales, but an outside auction on Saturday mornings, where Perry residents could bring items for sale, or they could bid on sale items.

My father took me to these auctions, so he could find some treasures to bid on. I loved going inside to see the animals, or getting a bottle of pop, or a slice of pie in their little café. I remember large crowds, good times & great food, there or at the Maid-rite next door. I looked forward to these Saturday outings with my Dad. Great memories for this city boy at the Sale Barn. When I got older, the Barn’s parking lot was a place to hook up with friends, while driving up & down Willis, nightly in the ’50s & ’60s.

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