Did You Know… where this gas station was located? This Conoco station was located on the corner of First Avenue and Park Street. Today the building is home to Kans R Us redemption center. Fagen’s service station was just one of many gas stations located all around Perry. I worked at Trotters DX, on the far west end of Willis Avenue, back in the ’60s. Wheelwright’s, Royer’s, Hawn’s, Don’s, and the White Way, are just a few of the gas stations that gave way to Casey’s and Kum & Go. Local neighborhood groceries and home owned gas stations have been replaced by the convenience store/gas stations.

I want to remind everyone, “Did You Know” is not a history lesson, it’s intended to bring back some memories, of Perry’s past. I see the picture of a gas station, then I remember filling up at my favorite station, the guys who pumped the gas and shared a bottle of pop with me, while we shared the news of the day. If I do not include a lot of details, it’s because I hope to spark a memory for you, from Perry’s past. I also am always looking for more photos of Perry. I can scan your photos, then return them to you, or pass them along to the Perry Historic Preservation Commission archive.

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Did You Know… where this business was located?