To the Editor:

I have spent most of my life living in small town Iowa, and I would not have it any other way. In the past couple of months I have had two reminders why small town living is the best.

My old pickup was badly in need of some new tires. Chuy’s Tires gave me several budget options of tires, they recommended a model that was not only priced right, but also had a great warranty. I dropped the truck off the next morning on my way to work, and it was ready in the afternoon. Not only was it very convenient, the tires were actually fifty dollars cheaper than the big outlet store in Des Moines. Anytime I can get a better product at a better price and keep the business local that is a win, win, win.

Shortly after that our home dishwasher died. A quick stop at Don’s TV & Appliance and I paid for a new one and made arrangements for them to install it. A couple days later I got a call from the serviceman that was there to install the new dishwasher. He explained that the old dishwasher only had a minor problem that he could fix for just the cost of the service call and that I did not really need to purchase the new machine. Sounded like a great plan to me, he fixed the old machine and saved me several hundred dollars. It seems unlikely to me that a serviceman in a big city would have had the integrity to do a simple repair rather than simply install a new dishwasher and move on.

I want to say thank you to these two local businesses. It is experiences like these that keep me living and shopping in small town Iowa.

Tony Sweet