Did You Know… where the Perry State Bank was located? It was located on the corner, that today is home to Raccoon Valley Bank. Perry State moved into the former Fareway store, after Fareway moved to their present location. This location, on what is now the drive thru, served as home to the bank, while the former Bank building was removed and their current bank was constructed.

What we remember, is formed by when we have lived in Perry. Perry has had many banks change their names, move, and even close over the years. Employees have come and gone, retired or died, but I still like the fact that when I go into the local Bank, they know who I am. Would this happen in the City? I like to take advantage of these local services. They support our local community and move locations only to better serve Perry’s needs.

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Did You Know… Perry was home to a J. C. Penny store?