Dear Editor,

The Beaver Creek youth wrestling program is worthy of praise as the wrestling season winds down. The program was put into place over 25 years ago by Duane Harney, and since its inception hundreds of boys and girls have been through the program. Thanks in large part to Beaver Creek, the Woodward-Granger High School wrestling teams have sent boys down to the state tournament nearly every year. This year, four young men on the W-G (Madrid) team went to districts and three moved on to state, all Beaver Creek alumni.

The program saw one of it’s largest enrollments ever this year at over 70 youngsters. The program’s success would not be possible without the support of parents, volunteers, coaches, school administrators, the hard work put in by the kids, and the many fans who support these kids. It takes a “village” to support a youth wrestling club. THANK YOU to those who have given to the success of our community’s wrestling programs.

Teaching kids how to wrestle is great, but teaching kids that life will deal you hardship, respecting others is imperative, and how to work hard by pushing your limits is what this sport is all about. These kids are the future and for those that commit to wrestling, the future is bright.

Jerod Harney