Most of the 38 youth participating in the free Aviation Youth Rally last Saturday at the Perry Municipal Airport saw the world from a new perspective – way up above the landscape.

That’s because they were treated to flights in small aircraft as part of a morning filled with learning about airplanes, flight plans, weather and being pilots.

Holden Terpstra of Perry took his first flight in a Cherokee 140.

"It’s like hard to explain," he said about his ride. "When the plane turns or dives, you feel like you are part of the plane."

Jasmyn Barck, 12, of Perry, said she had already flown in a small plane before, because her father has a friend with a small plane. Her grandmother signed her up for the morning camp. "I was excited to come at first, but this morning I was tired. But once I got here, I was excited," she said.

Jasmyn said she likes to fly and might consider being a pilot, or maybe a veterinarian, she said.

Jordan Long, 11, of Perry, said it was his grandmother who signed him up. He was waiting inside the Perry Airport office for his ride. "I’m excited, but not really nervous," he said. He said he had learned earlier in the morning about how weight affects taking off in a plane, that he needed to be 15 to fly by himself and 16 to carry a passenger.

The students broke up into four groups where they learned about all things aviation and took turns taking their flights. Once a flight was taken, the young people were given certificates that showed they had taken a flight.

Anthony Smith if Bondurant got to go up in a two-seater with Alan Core of Indianola. When he completed the flight, he received a certificate. He liked the ride.

"I was thinking I was going to have bad tummy tickles, but it turned out great," he said. "We went up to 1,000 feet. I liked seeing the ground and the fields."

Alan’s wife, Denise, gave Anthony a log book to keep track of his flights.

Misty Turnage of Johnston brought her son, Chance, 11, to Perry to participate in his third Youth Aviation Rally in the last two years.

"After the first one, he feel in love with it," she said.

Misty was particularly appreciative of the free program sponsored by the Experimental Aircraft Association Capter 135 in conjunction with the Fly Iowa Event today and Saturday. Fly Iowa is a yearly event held in a different community each year by the Iowa Aviation Promotion group and the community. "Without this program, he would not have had a chance to fly and learn how much he likes it. He wants to be a pilot," she said.

As for Chance, he can’t wait to be in the pilot’s seat. His first two flights at other events were in the co-pilot’s seat. This time it was as a passenger.

"I like sitting in the pilot’s seat best," he said. He too likes the land below. "I like the details you can see in the land. It is like a sculpture."