Dec. 3

Linda Feth of 1302 Evelyn St. reported one of the tires on her For Flex was stabbed soemtime during the night.

Two-vehicle accident reported at 2nd and Lucinda between Marilyn Leesley and Mavis Struyk, both of Perry. They collided at the intersection. No citations.

Caller advised that while at the library three teenage males walked past his vehicle and one of them spit on his car. Officer unable to locate juveniles.

DCH requested officer respond to hospital referencing a dog bite. Dog owner, Manuel Rojas was bitten by his own dog. Rojas was issued 1st offense warning for rabies control.

Dec. 4

Wells Fargo employee reported an employee theft. Advised employee took funds out of a patron’s account without the patron’s knowledge.

Richard Renze reported attempted theft from his vehicle while parked at Wiese Corp. When he got off work he found someone had popped the steering wheel column off, causing approximately $80 in damage.

Daniel Richardson, 1201 18th St. reported a broken window at his residence. Screen was still on the window, unknown how the glass got cracked.

Caller advised of a suspicious vehicle parked by the driving range by the high school. Occupants were advised to leave school ground.

Victoria Zika-Taylor of 302 Pattee reported her garage has been broken into a couple of times and was broken into again. Garage door was broken and side of the building is caved in. Garage is very messy and she didn’t know if anything was missing.

Dec. 5

Casey’s on 1st Ave. reported a gas drive-off in the amount of $40.

Caller advised of a small blue 4 door vehicle that is parked on the wrong side of the street on West 5th St. Officers responded and located stolen vehicle from CFS.

Tracey Hibbert reported two puncture holes on a hose to her gas tank. Car had been parked in front of her residence at 1912 Otley.

Dec. 7

Casey’s on 1st Ave. reported a gas drive off in the amount of $40.

Adam Stout of 621 2nd St. advised someone had broken into his garage. Only thing missing was a 5 gallon gas can that was half full.

Dec. 9

A no trespass order was issued to Paul Jones Sr., not to be on property of the Kick Stand.


Caller reported a vehicle parked in the parking lot at Crossroads Church. No one knows who it belongs to. Officer contacted the owner.

Jay Hartz, 1112 Willis, reported another tire slashed on his vehicle. Estimated damage of $500.

Dec. 11

Teresa Mulder of 170 325th St., Perry reported hitting a deer near 2600 block of North St. The deer continued on but there was damage to her vehicle.

Dec. 12

Kathy at Stitches in Time advised they had a falcon in the bathroom on the main floor of the business. Contacted Forest Park Museum to see if they could respond.

Gale Whiton reported an abandoned bike near his residence on W 3rd St. Bike was taken to the shed.

Dec. 13

Employee with Raccoon Valley Bank reported a customer who is continually defacing money which then needs to be destroyed. Case is under investigation at this time.

Dec. 16

Caller advised of loud music being played in the apartment below her in the 1800 block of W 4th St. Officer spoke with subject who agreed to turn it down.


Dec. 12

A one-vehicle accident was reported at the corner of Park and W 2nd St. The driver, Dustin Pratt, 16 of 1925 Evelyn St., Perry slid into a pole. No injuries reported.

A two-vehicle accident occurred near the High School weight room on Taft St. Ryley Anderson of 616 Willis, Perry, was traveling behind a vehicle driven by Sebastian Ramirez of Rippey and rear-ended the vehicle. No citations issued.

Kaitlin Cooklin of 107 Lovejoy St., Rippey, reported sliding into a parked car owned by Beverly Ozbun of Perry at 15th and Pattee. No injuries.


Dec. 11

Anna Marie Talbott, 1924 5th St., Perry, was cited for minor in possession of tobacco.


Dec. 10

Stevie Renee Hibner, 24 of 2103 W 4th Ave, Apt. 9, Indianola, was charged with driving while intoxicated and 2 counts of child endangerment.

Dec. 11

Brandon Emery, 31, was arrested on a Dallas County warrant for failure to appear - original charge 5th degree theft.

Dec. 13

Scott Allen Jamison, 52 of 1309 1st Ave., Perry was arrested for public intoxication 2nd offense.

Dec. 14

Cory Dean Stonehocker, 28 of 624 W North St., Madrid, was arrested for OWI 3rd offense.

Dec. 15

Jorge David Gonzalez, 20 of 406 Plaza Heights #3, Marshalltown, was charged with public intoxication 2nd offense.

Samantha Nicole Peel, 28 of 701 5th St., Perry was arrested for driving while suspended, possession of methamphetamine, unlawful use of license and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Brian Allen Gilmore, 53 of 110 4th Ave., #1, Jamaica, was arrested for OWI 2nd offense and driving while barred.

Dec. 16

Matthew David Corrigan, 21 of 16762 Killaren Drive, Perry was arrested on a Dallas County warrant for probation violation and assault causing injury and Green County warrant for probation violation.

Matthew David Corrigan, 21 of 16762 Killaren Drive, Perry was arrested for aggravated assault - displaying a weapon.

Kevin Scott Lingner, 42 of 1722 2nd St., Perry was arrested on a Greene County warrant for probation violation.

Compliance Warnings

Dec. 10

Marcela Villa, 1306 6th St., for miscellaneous junk.

Dec. 12

Cassandra Olson, 2695 Summer Meadows, for junk vehicle (white truck) on property.

Dec. 16

Dawn Benton, 2109 W 2nd St., for violation of garbage ordinance, placing garbage in another yard.

Ivette Moreno,1120 W 9th St., for miscellaneous junk (tires, stove and assorted junk).

Patricia Devilbiss, 101 Willis Ave., for miscellaneous junk (trailer with truck beds).

Animal Control

Dec. 3

Caller advised his neighbor in the 1300 block of Estella is feeding all the stray cats in the area and they are trying to get into his rabbit’s cage. Given live trap.

Dec. 4

Dennis Glass reported a black and white cat keeps getting into his house. Cat was taken to the pound.

Caller reported a cat in a trap and requested officer transport it to the pound. Gray fluffy cat was taken to the pound.

Dec. 5

Caller reported a dog that looks to be a Pitbull in the 200 block of Pattee. Officer located the dog but was unable to get near it.

Verbal warning given to Jesus Quijas, 1710 2nd St. for barking dog.

Dec. 6

Daniel Goodman was cited for dog at large 3rd offense and will also be issued viscious dog ordinance on Monday.

Dec. 8

Jessica Olson was issued dog at large - 2nd offense citation.

Cruelty to animals violation warning was issued to Earl Kenneth Gragg of 409 Grove St.

Dec. 9

Jessica Olson was issued dog at large 4th offense.

Dec. 13

Caller advised she has a stray calico kitten at her apartment. Officer transported the cat to the pound.