Troy Giffith really does not want to drive a school bus every day this school year. Not like he did last year.

The problem?

Griffith, transportation director for the Perry School District, doesnot have enough substitute drivers.

"I drove almost every day last year because I was short on substitute drivers," he said.

So, in an effort to drum up some applicants, he parked one of the bright yellow school buses in the parking lot of Crossroads Church at the north edge of Perry and hung a great big sign on the bus asking if anyone was interested in being a substitute driver.

"I’ve gotten a few applicants that I’m looking into now," Griffith said of the effort. "But I still won’t have enough substitute drivers. I could use a couple more."

A normal roster of regular drivers is eight, Griffith said. That’s one for each of eight bus routes. Those eight bus drivers together pick up approximately 750 students each school day.

"So you think there would be enough drivers, but there are special events, sports events, all kinds of events that require drivers at different times of day, not to mention when someone gets sick and can’t make it for a regular route," he added.

The sign he had posted for several weeks, but has now removed, also advertised the pay: $16 an hour. Not bad money for part-time work.

But, said Griffith, because it is part time, there are no benefits and sometimes odd hours. Drivers also have to pass a background check that for child abuse, adult abuse or criminal convictions. A person also has to have a fairly decent driving record.

Once selected Griffith trains the drivers to get ready for the commercial driver’s license test, which of course, has to be p assed.

And finally, a bus driver has to be able to tolerate children, be even-tempered and generally get along with people, Griffith said.

Still interested?

Call Griffith at (515) 465-5513