Compliance Warnings

May 31

Benjamin Brown was issued a warning for violation of burning ordinance.

Alba Garcia of 1606 Evelyn, was issued 1st offence dog at large.


June 3

Gerald Alexander Nussbaum, age 31 of 3418 E 26th St., & Euclid #5, Des Moines was arrested on a warrant for possession of marijuana.

June 2

Katherine Ann Hilliard, 33, of 6201 SW 18th, Des Moines, was arrested on a warrant for theft 3rd.

James Austin Aultman, 24, of 210 S. Prairieview Dr., No. 326, West Des Moines, was arrested on a warrant for failure to appear. May 31

Shane Patrick Saunders, 26, of 1800 Linden St., Apt. 5, Dallas Center, was arrested at 111 N Main St., Woodward for assault while displaying a weapon and disorderly conduct.

Junior Karla, 23, of 923 Walker St., Des Moines, was arrested on a warrant for trespass and failure to obey officer.

Holly Lynn Kirkman, age 21 of 206 Dallas St., Linden was arrested in the 14000 block of 360th St., for OWI and possession of prescription drugs.

Jose Angel Jimenez, age 21 of 2611 Otley, Perry was arrested for driving under suspension.

May 29

Beth Linda Buck, age 31 of 211 E 2nd St., Madrid was arrested for theft fourth degree.

Peggy Ann Thoren, age 53 of 1818 W 2nd St., Perry was arrested for theft 5th-shoplifting (2nd offense).

Miscellaneous June 1

Tim Armstrong of 808 Warford came into the station and reported that someone shot a cannon at him and he thought it was an act of terrorism. Advised him they had set the cannon off at the bike trail grand opening. He was very determined that it was fired directly at him. Officer spoke with him and explained the situation to him. Bicyclists were reported drinking beer on the west side of Kum and Go. Officer advised them if they wanted to be drinking they needed to go to the bar. All complied.

Tori Dakin of 616 Willis reported her purse stolen from her boyfriend’s car. Wasn’t sure if it happened when she was at Kum and Go or while she was at a friend’s house.

Caller advised of a Hispanic male in the Raccoon Valley Bank parking lot trying to get into several vehicles. Officer located subject, Thang Kee Aung, age 35 who advised he was looking in his vehicle and his friends’ vehicles. One of the vehicles is registered to Thang. May 31

John Palmer of 1101 31st St. reported damage to his mailbox. It appeared someone pulled into his drive and in backing up, hit his mailbox post. No damage to mailbox. Caller advised of a male subject on his bike with a dog out in the middle of the road screaming and yelling waving his hands, acting crazy. Officers located Ty Blitz who denied doing anything wrong. Dog was dragging its leash when blitz was first observed but once located Blitz did have ahold of the leash.

Gas drive off reported at Caseys on First Ave in the amount of $24.63. Vehicle was red in color and headed southbound on 1st Ave. Unable to locate vehicle. Under investigation at this time.

May 29

Shaun Kruger reported to Officer Jans of a fight that occurred before school. Case is under investigation.

Report of two windows being broken and siding ripped off the buildings at 700 and 710 18th St. Officer observed the damage, three broken windows, siding missing from both buildings and the cover was ripped off a utility box.

May 28

Wanda Mapes advised that Ty Blitz came into her residence, unwelcomed, and just "made himself at home." Advised he took out the dog and watched some TV. She does not want Blitz at her residence anymore. Requested an officer speak with him and advise him of this. Did not wish to have Blitz served with trespass notice at this time but if it continues she will go that route. Officer spoke with Ty about Mapes’ request to stay off property.

Caller advised neighbor on corner of W 2nd has his music playing very loud. Advised she was outside in her yard and that the subject rode by on his bike giving her a dirty look and yelled at her saying he could play his music as loud as he wanted and she could not do anything about it. Male then rode his bike back to his residence and went inside. Requested officer speak with him. Cited Ty Blitz, 40 of 2123 W 3rd St. for 1st offense loud music. Music turned down some. Caller advised after officer left the residence at 2123 W Second St. Ty Blitz briefly turned the music back up loud, went out into the middle of the street, started dancing around and pointing two fingers at the neighbor. Officer advised they will be doing extra patrol to the area. Daisy German was cited for unsafe passing of a school bus and no driver’s license. Hy-Vee reported someone stealing cigarettes. Male was wearing a blue shirt and last seen walking a dog near Shopko. Officers spoke with management and patrolled the area. Officers determined subject went into residence.


May 30

Accident reported in the high school parking lot. Dalton Timmons, 16 of 1306 30th St. was driving a 96 Honda Passport through the parking lot and hit a Kia Sportage that was legally parked. $1500 in damages to the Honda and $3000 to the Kia. No citations.

Accident reported at 1st Avenue and Otley. No injuries. John Morman, 67 of 801 W 6th St. was eastbound on Otley, crossing 1st Ave. Denise Boyle, 55 of 916 4th St. was westbound on Otley and turning left onto 1st Ave. Boyle struck driver’s side rear of vehicle. $1500 damage to Boyle vehicle and $1000 damage to Morman vehicle. Boyle was cited for failure to yield on left turn.

Accident reported at 1st Ave. and Warford. Vicki Ratliff of 1607 2nd St. was traveling south on 1st Ave. and was moving over to the outside lane to continue southbound. Vehicle driven by Felix Reyes of 1208 W 2nd St. was northbound on 1st Ave. and was turning westbound onto Warford and did not see Ratliff pull out to go around and hit her in the side. Approximately $3000 in damages to Ratliff vehicle and $2500 to Reyes vehicle. Reyes was cited for no valid driver’s license and failure to yield to left turn.