July 1

John Nicolaisen reported a Wells Fargo bag containing driver’s license and bank cards. Advised to contact the bank and report cards missing.

Erratic driver reported traveling westbound on Hwy 141 from area of Quinlan. Officer unable to locate vehicle.

Richard Reiste reported tenant caused damage to an apartment he owns at 1012 Otley. Holes were punched in the wall. Advised he would need to take it to small claims court.

Caller advised of a fight with her boyfriend and when she tried to leave he locked her in the bedroom. Upon officers’ arrival, caller was in the back yard. Spoke to both parties, verbal argument only. Girlfriend left with the kids for the night.

Officer stopped a subject who was riding his bike on Hwy 141 going eastbound in westbound lane in the middle of the road causing a hazard. Subject was directed to a safer place to ride. Caller reported having problems with a child in the neighborhood bullying her son. Spoke to both boys and both mothers. Boys advised to stay away from each other.

Caller reported a group of kids in the alley in the 1900 block of 3rd St. She saw them break a window out of a neighbor’s garage. Officer noted windows had been broken out of 3 houses. Kids identified and parents/grandparents contacted.

Bike was reported stolen from the bike rack at the Rec Center. Bike was later found behind a dumpster and returned to the owner.

July 3

Caller advised his dad had just kicked him in the back and that he had left the residence but was now walking back. Officers arrived at the residence and the juvenile stated he felt suicidal. Officer transported the juvenile to DCH for his parents. Caseys on 1st reported two gas drive offs. Officer will follow up and attempt to get video as the subjects did go in the store.

Caller reported a group of 4 kids walking by her residents in the 1700 block of Otley and one of the boys ripped off his pajama bottoms and was walking around in his boxer shorts. Officer unable to locate the kids.

Caller advised of kids shooting off fireworks on Kading, aiming bottle rockets toward the Quail Run apartments. Officers were tied up on previous call and by the time they responded no one was around.

Trevor Ashworth, 2919 Kading, advised that his prescription medication (Morphine) was stolen from his room. Said a lot of people have been in and out of the residence. Also reported an ipod and $15 in pop cans had been stolen from his room the previous week.

July 4

Female caller reported a male who is drunk and having an issue. Officers responded. Male agreed to leave but did not have a ride. They agreed to stay away from each other until he found transportation. Caller requested an officer. Believes someone may have been in her residence today while she was gone.

Tony Meister reported an attempted break in at the press box at the little league field. Approximately $40 in damage. No entry made but damage to trim pieces around the door. Caller advised of a lot of fireworks being set off possibly around 16th and Iowa St. Located fireworks coming from 14366 K Ave. Spoke with them about the complaint and they stated they would calm it down.

Caller advised of a small child riding a tricycle on the shoulder of Hwy 141 eastbound just east of Hy-Vee. Advised child is with parents but they don’t seem to be paying attention to the child. Concerned for child’s safety. Unable to locate upon arrival.

Subject came into the station stating she had been assaulted. She was holding a towel to her head and had a male subject with her. Stated she had just come from the hospital. Assault actually took place out of the county. Contacted Dallas County and Deputy responded. Caller advised of a possible rolling domestic. Advised male and female fighting. Got into a Chevy Blazer and headed east. Advised officers in the area to watch for vehicle.

Mavin Elisandro Sarceno, 11, was cited for 1st offense curfew violation.

Brian Quezada, 14, was cited for 1st offense curfew violation.

Officer located a car alarm going off behind the Crooked Rail. Located male in the vehicle. Car was not running, however, he was intoxicated. Attempted to call wife but no answer. Male was taken to his residence and contact made with his wife. Caller advised there were a couple of people near her residence that took off when she turned the light on. She believes they are stashing things for their drug activities. Officer patrolled the area, unable to locate anyone. July 5

Caller advised that she just heard soCaller reported people on William St. were setting off fireworks. Officer located subjects and confiscated a handful of fireworks.

July 4

Robert Dale Sims, 37 of 1302 Evelyn, Perry was arrested on Polk County warrant for probation violation – orig indecent exposure.

July 5

Brian Robert Templman, 34, of 1213 Estella, Perry was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Compliance Warnings

July 1

Maria Torres, 1712 1st for weeds between garage and fence.

David Dominguez, 1407 1st for grass exceeding 6 inches.

Eric Parmenter, 1015 Pattee for grass exceeding 6 inches.

Courtney Straker, 513 3rd St. for miscellaneous junk, construction material, etc. on property.



Kelly Rinner reported being involved in a property damage accident in the 400 block of 1st St. Both parties decided not to file a report. Small amount of damage to vehicles.

Caller advised a red van just hit their vehicle then left the scene. License plate number given and found to be registered to Katrina Parkinson of Harlan. Officer contacted Harlan, owner of van has magazine selling business and employee is driving it. Will attempt to get info on who was driving.

July 3

Julie Silbaugh of Jefferson advised her vehicle was struck by another vehicle in the Hy-Vee parking lot. Witness got the license plate of the vehicle involved which was registered to Gerald Landals. Officer responded to Landals home. He did not realize he had struck another vehicle. Approximately $300 in damages.

Animal Control

July 1

Steve Carrick reported Rat Terrier dog missing. Called back a short time later, dog had been found.

Caller reported people who are remodeling the old Bamba building have two dogs they keep in a kennel on the property. Said the dogs bark all the time. Officer spoke to the owner, Emiliano Chavez. Advised him the dogs had been barking and were out of water upon arrival. Dogs did have food and shelter.

Caller advised of a dog running loose bothering his dog in the 2000 block of 4th St. Advised it belongs to one of his neighbors who always lets it run loose. Officer unable to locate dog but later saw it walking with a group of kids. Advised the kids that the dog needs to be on a leash.

Caller advised of a brindle colored dog in her yard again. Officer transported a brown and black brindled colored dog with a pink collar to the pound. Dog belongs to the Garcias of 2021 4th St. Sonia Garcia was later served with 5th offense citation for dog at large.

July 3

Caller reported dogs at 6th and Paul barking again, ongoing problem. Officer did not hear any dogs barking upon arrival.

Tom Lipovac of 1302 30th St. reported two dogs running loose and one of them nipped at his dog, drawing blood. Dog owners, Matt and Jennifer Spooner were contacted. Lipovac called the station later stating he wanted the owners to be given a copy of the vicious dog ordinance. Officer provided him with a copy of ordinance and Spooner was also issued 1st offense warning for dog at large.

July 4

Lee Coons, 1521 Dewey, advised there is a dog at large at his residence. Officer transported a black lab to the pound.

July 5

Caller reported a red car in the Hy-Vee parking lot with two Boxers inside and only one window cracked. Dogs were panting heavily. Officer checked the parking lot, unable to locate the vehicle. Caller advised he caught a large white dog on Hwy 144 coming into Perry. Instructed to meet officer at he pound.