State Senator Jake Chapman spoke to the Perry Lions Club at a recent meeting. Senator Chapman lives in Adel with his wife and four children. At age twenty-nine he is one of the youngest members of the Iowa Legislature. This is Chapman’s second year in the senate and he serves as the ranking Republican member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

He believes that there is good cooperation between both political parties. "Eighty-five percent of the bills are passed with bi-patrician support," he said and "all the legislators are good people and are trying to do what is right for all of Iowa. But there are some differences as how to accomplish those goals."

His main concern was about the states proposed budget. He wants to hold spending in check, saying it is not practical for state spending to increase at nearly twice the rate of Iowan’s household income. He states that, "He will continually push for a budget that spends less than is taken in." He is opposed to promising large amounts of funding to schools and state departments of government, because later the money might not be available. He referred to the 10% across the board budget cuts several years ago.

Senator Chapman encouraged the members of the Perry Lions Club to write or call him with their concerns regarding any bills before the state legislature.