The Perry Chamber of Commerce raised over $3,000 towards their goal to fund a Fourth of July fireworks display after local business owners bid on an array of pies during the group's annual dinner Tuesday evening.

La Poste was covered in colorful yarn patterns for the event, a preview of what's to come at the Perry Fiber Art Fair in May. Over 100 Chamber members gathered for the event, where they paid as much as $470 for a single pie.

The Chamber is trying to raise $15,000 from private sources to pay for the fireworks display.

Andrea Tunink was named the Jack Finneseth Memorial Volunteer of the Year for her work among a breadth of Perry organizations, including the food pantry board, Perry Softball Association and the board of St. Patrick's Catholic School.

Joanne Warnock, wife to the late Volunteer of the Year nominee Joe Warnock, also accepted an award on his behalf.

Jan and Jay Pattee took home the Business of the Year award for Ben's Five and Dime.

Several speakers during the event said 2017 was a positive turning point in Perry's future if its residents continue to put their time and their dollars towards local businesses and events. Shawn Kenney, a member of the Chamber of Commerce's board, recalled seeing coaches from coastal schools stay at the Hotel Pattee after it was recommended to them by Kenney. He said if the community rallies together around promoting the city, it can continue to grow.

“What if all 8,000 people in Perry bragged about something here?” he asked.