Students at Woodward-Granger Elementary School in Granger were temporarily removed from the building after the school received a bomb threat Tuesday morning. 

According to Dallas County Sheriff, Chad Leonard, they received the threatening call at about 9:50 a.m. The Sheriff's Department and the Granger Police Department searched the building until 11:10, well past the 1-hour time frame they were given in the threat, and everything was found to be okay. 

Leonard said that a reverse call lookup found the phone number to be one that has been making threatening calls nationwide at several school districts, including at Waukee. Despite believing it to be a scam from the beginning, Leonard said that they took the threat seriously and still did a complete search. 

According to Granger Chief of Police, Kelly Owen, the number that called the school was as follows: "843-103-4874."

"It was a bogus number that was just out there," Owen said.

The threat was a first for the school district, Woodward-Granger Superintendent, Brad Anderson says.

"Everything was done according to our protocols," Anderson explained. "We swept the entire building, made sure everything was safe, reunited any parents with kids that wanted to.

"We want to thank parents for their patience and for allowing us to work through our protocols."

*This is a developing story and the Dallas County News and The Perry Chief will continue to update the story as more details become available.