During the first few days of Dec., the Perry Public Library hosted the first A Christmas Story themed escape room on Saturday, Dec. 2. The event was a success, bringing in a crowd of more than twenty who solved puzzles in order to save the beloved holiday movie.

Deputy Library Director, Misty Von Behren hosted the event, and is a huge fan of the flick.

“This is my first escape room that I’ve done and I absolutely adore this movie, it’s by far my favorite movie of all time,” Von Behren told participants at the start of the event. “Not just Christmas movie, but movie of all time.”

Von Behren was able to bring the movie-themed escape room to the library through a kit called “Breakout EDU,” a game platform which contains re-settable locks, boxes, and items to “play hundreds of immersive learning games,” according to the Breakout EDU website.

“I just typed in ‘Christmas’ and A Christmas Story popped up,” Von Behren said. “I found it in the summer time.”

“I am thoroughly obsessed with the movie.”

Snacks were provided for the event, themed around the film: mashed potatoes, egg rolls, cookies, water, and Ovaltine.

“I was pleased [with the turnout], very much so,” Von Behren said. “We ended up having twenty-three people.”

The goal of the escape room was to uncover clues from around the room, later discovering combinations for five separate locks. Once completed, participants then visited Von Behren to determine if the combinations were correct.

According to Von Behren, all but one group were able to successfully get out of the escape room.

“I plan on doing A Christmas Story every year from now on,” Von Behren said.