The Perry School Board approved the contract between Perry Schools and Larson Engineering regarding Phase 1 of the Dewey Field Facility master plan. According to the Larson contract provided in the School Board Contract, Phase 1 includes the following items: “a new Concessions/Restroom building, Stadium Entry with Ticketing, aluminum bleacher removal and replace on the north side of the track, new concrete plaza, and pedestrian access improvements between the stadium and the High School Parking lot.”

The project is estimated to total $1.1 million dollars in cost, according to the contract provided by Larson engineering.

Civil Department Manager, Michael Murphy will oversee the Dewey Field as the Project Manager and Larson Engineering, Inc. will be the leading consultants.

“We wanted to have one person that we could go to if there is an issue, we want to have somebody that is very well invested into the project, meaning at the project on a weekly basis and Mike [Murphy] was the one that our team felt would do that,” said Superintendent, Clark Wicks.

“I think this district has been burnt a couple of times, and one of the things we want is to be assured that if there is an issue with the bleachers, with the concession stand, that we would be able to talk to Mike.”

There will be two packages for the project, according to the Larson contract: “Bid Package #1: Concessions/Restroom Building, Stadium Entry with Ticketing, concrete plaza area and improved access to the parking lot across 18th st; Bid Package #2: Removal of the existing north bleacher and replacement with a new 1,000 set leg-truss bleacher system over a reinforced structural slab designed for the future addition of 660 seats and a 9’x42’ press-box.”

Board Member, Casey Baldwin asked about the time line of phase 1.

“Phase 1, we would like to bid it in January,” Murphy said. “Bid’s due in late January, early February; the work could start as early as mid-April and be completed by Aug. [of 2018].”

Final payment for the project could potentially fall between the months of Sept. and Oct, Murphy suggested.

School Board President, Kyle Baxter thanked Murphy for his efforts.

“It’s been great working with you up to this point and you’re definitely open to our ideas and listen very well,” Baxter said.

Earlier this April, the VanKirk brothers, Kirk and Darek, approached the school board with a proposed matched donation of $350,000 to gift the school district with a brand new football stadium.

If matched, the VanKirk brothers would donate $350,000 of seed money to the remodel of the football field, followed by additional renovations.

“Let me emphasize – matching funds only,” said Kirk VanKirk during the April meeting. “That’s not going to buy you a new football field, but it’s going to get a good start on it.”