On Saturday, Nov. 4, a herd of tuba-players gathered to honor the legacy of renown tubist, William Bell during the annual William Bell Memorial Tuba and Euphonium Day. The day began at noon on Saturday with special practices and performances, followed by a final performance at the site of Mr. Bell’s grave in Violet Hill Cemetery.

This year’s featured guest of the day was Mr. Christian Carchiner, Assistant Director of Bands and Instructor of Tuba and Euphonium at Iowa State University. Registration for the event began 12:30 p.m. starting at the Perry United Methodist Church.

According to information about the event, Carchiner taught a masterclass to guests at 3 p.m., followed by a free to the public concert at Perry United Methodist Church at 4 p.m.

The final performance of the day took place at Violet Hill Cemetery where tubists put on a performance around Mr. Bell’s grave site.