In the last week, numerous artists made stops in Perry to both teach and demonstrate their art at either a scheduled class or for their debut on the Art Harvest Tour. During the same week as the Art Harvest Tour, new artists traveled down to Perry for their live demonstrations, and artist Anne Abgott presented her work to the Water Colors Society at La Poste.

Watercolor artist Anne Abgott was originally scheduled to teach her course in La Poste the previous week, but had to reschedule due to the Hurricane Irma near her Florida home. Abgott taught a workshop in watercolor on Wednesday, Sept. 20 at La Poste, and then moved to the conference room at the Perry Public Library for the remainder of her workshops on Thursday, Sept. 21 - Sept. 24.

Abgott provides her students with an image and live demonstrates how they can paint the project.

“I teach them [students] skills that they can apply to their own images, and so far, since June, I’ve been in Tennessee, Vermont, Cape Cod, North Carolina, and Canada, and my next stop is Phoenix,” said Anne Abgott, watercolor artist.

“I’ve taught workshops all over the country and in other countries and I’ve never been treated like this in my life, it is out of this world.”

Following Abgott’s arrival into Perry, several other artists trickled their way into Perry’s downtown during the annual Art Harvest Tour.

Located in the Citizen’s Bank, three brand new artists were featured giving live demonstrations and discussing their work with attendees: Olesya Maupin, Jane Curl, and Joe Murray.

During the visit, artists agreed on the same principal - their artwork is more than just their job.

“Time is irrelevant, when you get into what they call ‘the zone,’ I’ve literally gone three hours and it feels like five minutes,” said Joe Murray, Art Harvest Tour artist. “We [artists] get into these zones where we’re expressing our soul, and if you’re a good artist, you put your soul on whatever medium it is.”

“A lot of people will come in and look at art, but if we’ve done our work, we’ve put our soul on the canvas, and then it really becomes a question of whether the person viewing can interpret our soul or feeling from our art, and then the question becomes ‘what do you value for your soul.’”

Painter Olesya Maupin demonstrated her drip-art and hung up her work in the front of Citizen’s Bank Gallery. Behind Maupin’s work, both Jane Curl and Joe Murray displayed their artwork.

Across the street, artists Rick von Holdt and Dan Bounds manned the proof press in the basement of Betsy Peterson’s Shop, Betsy and Eric Peterson also were part of the tour, showing figures, painted wooden designs, as well as functional kitchenware, wood fired and local glazes.

Up the street at Mary Rose’s Collection, Mary Rose Nichols worked on her stained glass project, while Michael Lundberg painted horse scenes in the store. Jenny Eklund was also featured for stained glass and artisan yarn.

Along with Perry, the two-day tour traveled through Madrid, Ames, Boone, and Ogden.