Perry’s “Big Bike” received a sidewalk makeover to cater to those who wish to take photos near the mid-town hot spot. Cheri Scheib worked alongside Artistic Concrete in Perry to create both a welcoming and antique pathway for visitors to walk on.

The bike was installed in Oct. of 2016 as a way to bring funds to the “Let’s Connect” trail project. The pathway would allow visitors to have a place to stand where they take photos.

The idea of a simple straight sidewalk was not in the plans for pathway project.

“It needed to feel welcoming like you’ve come into something, so we did the whole swoop thing on the sides and at that time it was still bright white,” said Cheri Scheib.

In order to dress-up the pathway, Scheib spoke with Artistic Concrete Inc., a company which specializes in projects such as concrete polishing, stains and dyes, as well as design ideas.

“What I really wanted was to say welcome to Perry, but I wanted it to look old fashion,” Scheib said. “So Betsy Peterson helped with this and then between Jeff out at Graphics 2U and myself, we worked out the size of the lettering here and it was his idea to separate each one of these lines with a wheel so that made it fun too.”

Momentum’s of Perry are outlined along the pathway: the Brr Ride, the Raccoon River Valley Trail.

“So this started out a couple of days ago with them overlaying and putting black down,” Scheib said. “Now we’re staining and this is going to be a darker brown.”

“It’s been fun.”