The Perry Community School Board will officially welcome elected At-Large members, Kyle Baxter and Casey Baldwin, following the results of the Tuesday, Sept. 12 school board elections. Both members currently hold positions in the School Board – Baxter as President and Baldwin as an At-Large member.

According to the Dallas County election results, Baxter received 101 votes with 49.03 percent and Baldwin received 98 votes with 47.57 percent. An additional write-in candidate received seven votes with 3.40 percent.

For Perry, two seats were up for election, and only two candidates officially ran: Kyle Baxter and Casey Baldwin.


The Woodward-Granger School Board has voted in Ashley Brandt to represent District 4, along with a Write-In Candidate to represent District 2.

According to the Dallas County election results, Brandt received 92 votes in Woodward with 87.62 percent and 76 votes in Granger with 84.44 percent. In addition, a Write-In Candidate received 13 votes with 12.38 percent in Woodward and 14 votes with 15.56 percent in Granger.

District 2 had 153 write-in votes cast, as there was no candidate for that district. In Woodward, a sign-campaign was posted nearby the polling location for Write-In Candidate David Elliot for District 2.

The final results will be revealed on Friday, Sept. 15 at Dallas County.

The Perry Chief will continue to update the story as more information is made available.