Woodward-Granger’s School Board will have two new members following the Sept. 12 elections: Ashley Brandt, District 4, and a Write-In Candidate for District 2. Previously, District 2 was left empty without a candidate.

“We first of all have to see how the election plays out,” said Woodward-Granger Superintendent, Brad Anderson. “I’ve been Superintendent for six years and haven’t seen it [an empty seat] yet.”

Woodward-Granger is considered a Director district, which means their selection process is used as a way to make sure the entire district is properly represented by a certain member who lives within that district.

That way someone is guaranteed to represent each section, Anderson says.

In Woodward, a sign-campaign was posted nearby the polling location for Write-In Candidate David Elliot for District 2.

The Woodward-Granger School Board has voted in Ashley Brandt to represent District 4, while District 2 had 153 write-in votes cast.

According to the Dallas County election results, Brandt received 92 votes in Woodward with 87.62% and 76 votes in Granger with 84.44%. In addition, a Write-In Candidate received 13 votes with 12.38% in Woodward and 14 votes with 15.56% in Granger.

The final results, including any write-in candidates and whether or not they received enough votes to be elected, will be revealed on Friday, Sept. 15 when the votes are canvassed by the Board of Supervisors.